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The “Drop & Swap” Alternative In A 1031 Exchange: Do As You See Fit With Your Proceeds

Partners in an LLC selling real property may be bracing to receive the sale proceeds and pay capital gains tax. But what happens when the partners disagree on the exit strategy and one or two partners want to continue deferring taxes? Fortunately, there is a strategy known as "Drop and Swap" where partners can

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Quit Being a Landlord & Retire: How DST’s Help Retirees Find Time & Freedom!

Great news! Your CPA has informed you, "you will make a lot of money through your real estate portfolio...the bad news, you will have to cut a fat check to the IRS; you're getting killed on capital gains taxes and depreciation recapture." Sure, you're familiar with the 1031 Exchange Tax Code. You are at the

Save 1031 Exchanges = Save Small Businesses

Under President Biden's April 28th tax proposals, two would affect the world of 1031 Exchange's. Under these two proposals, Section 1031 would be modified to: Eliminate the use of Section 1031 for deferring gains over $500,000. Eliminate the step-up cost basis at death. Since 1921 1031 Exchanges have been a vital part of the U.S.

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Top Benefits for Real Estate Investors to Spring into DST’s

Delaware Statutory Trust’s (DST’s) are legal entities that allow for fractional ownership of real estate assets by accredited investors. Beneficial interest in a DST is treated as direct interest in real estate for tax purposes, qualifying as “like-kind” property in a 1031 Exchange. Investors can defer taxes by exchanging real property for an interest in

Recession Resilience in 2021 for 1031 Exchanges

Up until 9 months ago when the Coronavirus (COVID-19) officially impacted the United States, commercial real estate investors were experiencing one of the hottest markets. Urban areas were seeing some of the highest prices in history. Seemingly overnight investors could no longer visit their replacement properties, banks pulled out of loans, & rental properties realized

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How Do You Think the Presidential Election Will Impact Your Business in Real Estate?

Today is November 6, 2020, three days post-Election Day. Like all of you, we anxiously wait as the results continue to be tallied in key states. Whatever your politics may be, we hope you're all managing your stress from Election Fatigue. How do you think the Presidential Election will impact your business in real estate?

Happy 10/31 Day

Support the Retention of 1031 Exchanges   Tell your elected officials how 1031 Exchanges have benefited you, your business, and your community. Since 1921 1031 Exchanges have been a vital part of the U.S. Tax Policy. Oppose the proposals to eliminate IRC section 1031 Exchanges in the law's present form.   Talk to Congress Today

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