Preparing Heirs for Their Inheritance

Inheriting money comes with plenty of benefits. From being less worried about paying for life’s necessities to enjoying the luxuries affluence can bring, inheritors often find that many of life’s key stumbling blocks are no longer in their paths. That said, an inheritance doesn’t automatically mean a worry-free life of ease. Inheriting wealth can actually

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Want to Promote Family Entrepreneurship? Consider a Family Bank

A key objective among many single-family offices serving Super Rich families (those with a net-worth of at least $500 Million) is to enable future generations of family members to build their own wealth and create their own entrepreneurial legacies. With that in mind, the Super Rich are embracing ways to develop the business acumen of

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Smart Ways to Build a Moat Around Your Wealth

Smart Ways to Build a Moat Around Your Wealth Have you taken steps to protect the assets you have worked so hard to build? Chances are, you know someone who has been sued. Maybe that someone is you. The fact is, your enviable position as a successful person comes with a major

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The Importance of Personal Umbrella Policies

The Importance of Personal Umbrella Policies What would happen if you or your child caused a car accident that resulted in serious injuries or the deaths of others? How would you pay for the treatment and damages of someone who was hurt in your home and claimed negligence? What happens when they

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