Wealth Management Services

Safe Harbor Asset Management, Inc. (SAM) was incorporated in 1995, a “Fee-Only” SEC-Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). SAM partners with clients to develop creative, tailored wealth management solutions to fulfill their missions and goals.

Investment Philosophy

The investment process we employ in portfolio management is guided by the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). SAM utilizes a global strategic Asset Allocation model to construct portfolios around a core of index and enhanced index funds.

The Advanced Planning Approach to Wealth Management

Many Financial Advisors are adept at Asset Management, but there are few Advisors who encompass the Advanced Planning experience and skills that successful families need from their Advisors. Stephen works with an expert team of professionals specializing in tax, legal and insurance services to define the best practices for a high-net-worth family’s Wealth Plan.

Stephen believes in a disciplined approach to Wealth Management and walks clients through an in-depth interview designed to identify their values and goals. The SAM Wealth Management Formula; (WM) = Investment Consultation (IC) + Advanced Planning (AP) + Relationship Management (RM).

After a thorough review of financial objectives, investment time horizon, and risk tolerance of a client’s particular circumstances are established and written in a personal Investment Policy Statement, he provides recommendations based on the individual needs of the client and the Investment Philosophy of the firm.

Our Performance History

To legally publish performance figures, investment reports must be verified by an accredited non-affiliated entity. SAM has a recorded 20-year performance history; verified by Absolute Verification Services, as established by the CFA Institute.  (More info)


*Criteria for obtaining the various awards will be provided upon request.