Your wealth management needs and goals are uniquely your own. Our team of investment professionals at Safe Harbor Asset Management, Inc. understands this fundamental concept, which is why the financial plan we create for you and our approach to managing your wealth will be equally distinctive.

We start by developing a complete picture of your overall wealth and then create a comprehensive roadmap to help you achieve your specific financial goals. 

Services We Provide

Strategic Tax Planning 

Effective tax planning and tax-advantaged investment strategies are essential components of your financial plan. At Safe Harbor Asset Management, Inc., we have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the investment strategies we use in managing your assets are not only those that are suitable to your needs, but also the most cost-effective and tax-efficient. In addition, we stay closely attuned to new legislation that could impact taxes, and we constantly evaluate your investments from the perspective of how future changes to the tax code could affect them.

Asset Management and Asset Protection

Once we have developed your financial plan, created your asset allocation model portfolio, and executed your investment strategy, we manage your positions with a constant eye on the economy and other factors that can influence market performance. As a result, we have a long-term perspective on managing assets and are as focused on protecting your investments as we are on achieving desired returns.

Wealth Preservation and Estate Planning

A cornerstone of our wealth management process is ensuring that your desires for transferring wealth to heirs and protecting future generations are clearly defined and supported by all updated and required legal documents. We help integrate tax-advantaged wealth-transfer investment strategies into your financial plan. And we continuously assess your investments and holdings, so they are consistent with your estate planning objectives for preserving family wealth.

Charitable Giving

Our team will help you achieve your philanthropic goals of supporting the causes you care about most. Strategic planning and tax-efficient gifting are critical components of our wealth management process. We work closely with you to ensure the investment strategies we use in your wealth management program align with your charitable giving plans.

Business Succession Planning

The wealth you have created may have resulted from years of hard work building and growing a family business. Much of your family wealth may be embedded in the value of that business. We help you establish a proper succession plan, so the next generation is set up for success. And if your business transfer plans don’t include family members, our team of professionals can help you value your business and create an effective exit strategy for a sale.

Life Insurance Planning

Every wealth management plan should include a comprehensive life insurance strategy that protects your loved ones and heirs in the event of death. Life insurance can also be a tax-efficient wealth accumulation strategy, so as part of your wealth management program, we keep you abreast of new policy innovations that could have a meaningful impact on your financial plan.