Profit From Rentals Property Analysis Tool

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Market or Appraised Value

Enter market or appraised value of subject property

Purchase Price

Enter the purchase price of the subject property

Down Payment

Enter the percentage of down payment which is typically 20 to 25% with financing and 0% with cash purchase

Closing Costs & Fees

Enter estimated closing costs with traditional tile company which typically range from $3k to $5k

Interest Rate (30 yr Fixed)

Enter Interest Rate for 30 year fixed mortgage which currently ranges from 4 to 5%

Monthly Rent (GSI)

Enter Monthly Rent for subject property

Annual Property Tax

Enter Annual Property Tax for subject property

Annual Utilities

Enter Annual Utilities for subject property

Annual Landscaping

Enter Annual Landscaping for subject property

Annual Insurance Premium

Enter Annual Insurance Premium for subject property

Vacancy Rate (% of GSI)

Enter expected Vacancy Rate which typically ranges from 3 to 10% annually

Maintenance Rate (% of GSI)

Enter Maintenance Rate which typically ranges from 3 to 10% annually

Property Management Rate (% of GSI)

Enter Property Management Rate which typically ranges from 7 to 12% of Monthly Rent

Initial Equity
Amount Financed
Down Payment Amount
Total Cash Investment
Debt Service (P&I) Monthly
Debt Service (P&I) Yearly
Gross Scheduled Income (GSI)
Less Vacancy Amount
Gross Operating Income (GOI)
Property Management
Annual Property Taxes
Annual Utilities
Annual Landscaping
Annual Insurance Premium
Repairs & Maintenance
Total Operating Expenses
Net Operating Income
Less Debt Service
Before-Tax Cash Flow (BTCF)

Before-Tax Cash Flow (BTCF)


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